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The Wooden Blacksmith is a business with a vision to be a leader in the solid wood & steel market. Our Wood division specializes in custom-made solid wooden doors, furniture & custom-built solid wood kitchens.


Our Steel division specializes in Gates, security gates, balustrades, fencing & burglar proofing. All of which are custom made to your needs. Only top-quality woods like Walnut, Cherry, Oak, Rose, Mahogany, & Meranti are used in our furniture and doors.


A lot of craftsmanship goes into our designs. We have many satisfied customers who can be referred to you like, Galagos Wedding Estate, the Sheraton Hotel & Casa Kaya Guesthouse.


Many of our customers have also become our friends and it has been a privilege to serve our community since 2002 with excellent products and quality service. We are a family business with family values and would like to know how we can serve you and your family?



Do you have product inventory i can choose from?


You are welcome to view our website or social media platforms to view the products we produce. We do not stock our products dew to the fact that everything is custom made to the clients request. But if you like a design you find on our platforms we will happily replicate it for you.



How long does Manufacturing take?

Manufacturing takes 3 weeks as your order is placed in a production line amoung other orders. In some cases manufactuing can take longer. You will be notified should this be the case.


Do you install your own product?

Yes. In most cases we install our own products. Only when we ship our products across borders we are not responsible for the installation.

How do I pay for your products?

EFT Payment. On acceptance of quote, a 60% deposit is required for your order to be taken up in the production line. When the products has been delivered or installed the final 40% is immediatly payable. Lack of final payment will result in reposition of the items.



How do I maintain your product?

If it is steel and found outside then it should be repainted every 4 years with a high qualirty QD primer. This will prevent rust build up and keep your steel looking fresh and new.


If its a solid wood product then it should ne oiled twice a year. Once before summer and again before winter. Give it 2 coats each time.


Where are you located?

TWB is a Pretoria based company in the Silverton area.


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